Meaning and Purpose of Life

by John Ficca

Someone recently posted a quote that touched my very soul. Not because it was a new or foreign concept to me, it was just an exceptional way to express a message that is already part of my belief system. The quote was from Pablo Picasso, and it reads as follows:

The MEANING of Life is to find your gift
The PURPOSE of Life is to give it away

Sometimes your gift is something that you share with the community – a more personal expression given to family, friends, and people you meet. Some gifts can even be used at work and home. The most special gifts are the ones that become your life’s work. This allows you to feel like you are not working at all, because you truly love what you do professionally.  And that is my hope for our students, to find their gifts, as well as their niche in life. We encourage them to identify their strengths / gifts and then utilize them in various aspects of their daily lives.

Have you found your gift? If so, I hope that you are giving it away freely.

John Ficca
Program Director