Frequently asked Questions for Hands On @Hyatt

How long is the waiting list?

Waiting times vary, depending on the time of year, your preferred training location, and the business levels at that particular Hyatt hotel. Usually applicants start 2-3 months after they submit their application.

What is included in the training?

SafeStaff Food Handlers Certification, Uniforms, Tools (Chef Knives for Culinary Students), Lodging and Meals in select cities / locations.

If I am utilizing the residential component, do I have a roommate?

Most of the time you are matched up with a roommate, based on gender. This decreases the cost of the program, and gives you someone to hang out with during the two weeks of training. 

If I am utilizing the residential component, what do I need to bring?

You should bring enough clothes and personal items for two weeks, including any prescription medications. You will also need the following items:

  • Photo ID Card (original)*
  • SS Card (original)*
  • 2-3 pairs of black pants, Docker style cotton pants
  • Black rubber soled shoes
  • 6 White T-shirts (Undershirts – Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc)
  • Bathing Suit, if you plan to utilize the hotel pool.
  • Laundry Detergent

*Ask about other documents that may substitute for these cards

Is there a nurse to dispense medication?

No, all students must be able to maintain their own medication regimen. There are no medical staff to assist with your medication. 

Are we allowed to do anything during our off time?

Yes, but you must communicate with the local training manager. And we have a 10pm curfew, regardless of the student’s age.